Does the thought of appearing MHT-CET exam make you feel nervous? Well, you are not alone. The entrance exams can be pretty intimidating to many but there certainly are smart ways to handle this pressure. One of the easiestways is to appear for theexam before the actual finalexam!


We are talking about the ‘MockTests’. Mock tests are the exams to practice on before you appear for the final one. Thesetests are designed to simulate official exam environment so that you experience the exam in real time and get accustomedwith the pattern, question navigation andvarious steps to be followed while performing in the exam.

But can the mock tests help to improve your performance and if yes, how? Let’s find out.

Discovering And Implementing Your Own Strategies–

Mock Tests help you to figure out the types of questions would be asked,what pattern is followed, the topics covered, questions asked per topic and the difficulty level of the exam. This makes you to decide your own strategy in order to attempt maximum number of questions in the exam. It might involve which topics to focus on, whether to attempt the question orderly or first solving the questions with best known answers etc. These strategies would certainly help you to perform more effectively in the final exam.

Figuring out your own techniques to solve queries –

You might discover new techniques while attempting to answer the questions quickly. Appearing for the mock tests make students to learn newer techniquesas well and it may lead to find new methods to apply to the basic concepts. It might encourage you to find more convenient ways to get prepared like using various abbreviations, listings, making pointers etc so that the answers would be recalled rapidly. Every mock test will leave you better prepared and filled with newer tactics to face the questions.

Time management

Time management is utmost important in entrance exams. It’s crucial to attempt all the questions within the given timeframe.Practicing would definitely help you to segregate the questions topicwise and dedicate specific time slots accordingly. You would learn which section requires more of your time and which comparatively uses less. Effective time management can absolutely be planned with maximum number of practice test attempts and would certainly prove to be a game-changer.

Analyzing performance

With every given test, you will understand and analyze mistakes made and will learn from it. It will let you tointroduce topics you have not mastered in and encouragefocusingfurther learning on these weak areas. These also helpyou to know which topics you have already mastered and it would boost up your confidence for sure.

Practice, Practice and Practice

It’s been said ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ and be assured it applies here as well.While taking a Mock test can help you to know your position in the exam, it also helps to pinpoint the learning required and enables you to recall the same later. Although studying is important but it’s anastonishingfinding that taking a mock test is actually better and more beneficial way to perform to the best of your potential.

So, why not to give it a try?

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Technological advances in recent years have tremendously affected the way operations in various systems were handled and educational systems are no exception for this. Education systems are pillars of the society and play a vital role in shaping tomorrow. Therefore the way they operate should be agile and in-lined with related ongoing developments.

Considering this fact, now a days, many educational systems are progressively adopting technology within their campuses. Educational ERP software has transformed the way institutes were run. The automated solutions for every process, task or action within the premises and even off the premises like communication with parents etc. along with expert BI tools representing the information more precisely and strategically, have made institutes more efficient and smartly updated.

It’s almost inevitable for institutes to go digital now or later but it’s certainly not an easy task. It does require detailed analysis & research for the exact requirements and lot of thinking to plan to comprise the institute-specific requirements.

Here are 5 critical factors to consider while implementing education ERP.

1. Defining your ‘Why’ (Reasons for implementing Educational ERP)

Adopting an ERP just because everyone else is implementing doesn’t make any sense. Are you and team actually ready for it? Sometimes it’s difficult to sync with the newly changed culture and way of doing things. The Willingness to adopt and being prepared for it, is quite essential.

Why exactly you wish to implement the ERP? You need to figure out what challenges are you facing in current operating scenario and if not, what enhancements or value additions you are expecting by implementing ERP system. Be crystal clear about your requirements and put forth them precisely.

2. Features

An ERP should include all the features that can fulfill the requirement of your institution. Although customization is always an option, it’s better to opt for the ERP which has maximum of your required features. It saves a great deal of time, efforts and cost as well.

Along with this, also do check out for the features those can improve or enhance your earlier way of operating and will be an additional amendment to your day-to-day activities.

3. Security

Data security is a crucial factor for any educational institution. The data related to and entered by the students and the staff should be administered with utmost security and should not be accessible to the third party. In fact, this is a great advantage of using ERP as it limits manual handling of student related sensitive data. You can get assured about data security by understanding information storage structure details followed by the Educational ERP. Every institute should be aware of it in order to avoid undesirable mishaps.

4. User training and Support

The end-users will be interacting with the system the most. So, the ERP implementation should come up with good set of manuals and sessions for deep understanding of the system. In fact, to ensure the users are making most of the ERP system, expert level of trainings must be conducted.

But while using the system practical challenges may arise, so accurate and prompt support should be provided in order to make sure processes continue smoothly and uninterruptedly.

5. Too many options

The real challenge is to select the right software for your institute. There are n-number of products available in market and everyone claims to be the best. Choosing the one that suite your requirement most precisely is critical. As it’s a major investment in every aspect and a long-term collaboration, it’s always a better idea to opt for a well-established, reliable, experienced ERP solution that owns proven track record of previous successful implementations.


Educational ERP is a need of the hour and opting for its implementation requires immense ground work. In order to make sure successful implementation and painless system transition, it’s highly recommended to choose the ERP solution that suites your exact requirements, is secure and has been experienced by other educational institutes earlier.

Synthesys’s Education ERP is fully-featured, highly secure and most trusted cloud-based ERP solution that has been developed considering minutest of requirements of the institutions. Synthesys, operating in EduTech industry for last 17 years possess incredible ERP implementation experience and is committed to provide institute-specific BEST solutions.

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